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3. Andeka Wolves' Backstory
It was a dreary night, and patchy clouds were battling in the sky. Andeka let out a weary yawn. A bolt of fizzing lightning flashed nearby, bringing down a great oak. This was not a good day.

Nearby, a brute wrestled timidly with a litter of bear cubs. Laughing at his stupidity, Andeka decided to help the poor wolf.
"I'm coming!" she yelled, racing towards the tree. Lightning zapped directly overhead, narrowly missing Andeka and setting a tree on fire. The brute's eyes whipped up, watching the well-muscled young fae halter her gait as she approached him. Batting away a scrawny cub, Andeka slid to his side and helped him tackle the bears.

"What's your name?" the brute enquired, looking at Andeka.
"Andeka. Yours?"
"Saryup. I know it sounds weird. My mother said it meant 'mighty'."
"Mine means talented. I don't know if I am talented though!"
"Well... I think you're very talented."
"Uh, thanks, I guess!"

They travelled silently through the night, passing thin, dead, burning and fallen trees. This storm was really quite devastating.
"Here, shelter," Saryup suggested, pointing his dripping tail towards a small crevice in a tree trunk, just enough for a small wolf to squeeze through.

What was that? Andeka looked up in fear, and heard their rusty, soaking tree begin to creak and saw it leaning over slightly.
"Quick!" she screeched, leaping on top of Saryup.
"The tree is falling over! We have to get out!"

Eventually, the storm passed. The land had been flooded all the way up to Andeka's belly, and it was still drizzling slightly.

"We should explore the destruction and see what to do," she decided. So, she went around the forest and found all of the surviving wolves and they banded together to create a temporary pack, just until everyone had recovered.

-----------------------------.:End of Andeka's POV:.-----------------------------

Because some of them were in the pack against their will, groups began to show. There was a group of wolves that had survived just fine, and they were the strongest. Another was neutral, who still looked at the pack as a family and loved all the wolves equally. And finally, there were the travellers, who didn't want to be in the forest, but had been affected by the disaster too and agreed to join for support benefits.

The three groups began to grow into packs, and separated. The strongest was led by Goliath, a large black with green eyes brute, and Goliath formed Golyan, which inhabited the edge of the forest by the cliff and the jungle, nested above the cliff. The neutral was led by Andeka a light brown and grey with amber eyes fae, who formed Andesian and roamed the forest. Finally, the travellers gave up their travelling and all agreed to live in the plains, ruled by Heather, a small, lightweight young fae with snowy white fur and crystal blue eyes, who founded Heathsite.

The packs went on with their business until one day humans decided to take over the plains. They killed the wolves' prey at first, which killed a lot of Heathsite's weak, sick, young and elderly. They then started setting up poison traps, which killed the foolish. Then finally, hunters came to Heathsite's base at night with rifles, machine guns and rapiers, ready to go right through their flesh.

But Andeka heard of this, and decided her pack should help. Heathsite evacuated, except from two wolves. Heather insisted she should stay behind and care for a sick pup, so she did. Both Heather and the pup died that night, but the rest survived.

Bolayrie, Heather's beta, stepped up as alpha of Heathsite. Because they lost their territory, Bolayrie agreed to merge Andesian and Heathsite, and they both would be joint alphas.

Golyan was still thriving though, and they decided to conquer the forest. Goliath threatened Andeka and Bolayrie, which in return their merged pack, Heathsian, retaliated and attacked Golyan. Heathsian lost, and retreated.

After many battles, Heathsian decided to team up with all nearby packs to defeat Golyan. Unfortunately, this attracted trouble and whilst some packs agreed, some saw this as a chance to defeat a weak pack.

An enormous battle exploded, and many lives were lost, including Goliath, Bolayrie and Saryup's. But, in the end, Heathsian won. With the death of Bolayrie, Heathsian reverted to Andesian again.

And so Andesian ruled in peace.

-----------------------------.:Time Skip:.-----------------------------

During that time, Andeka died and since no beta was appointed, wolves who thought themselves of worthy formed packs and their followers went with them.

Packs Now
At the end of our story, the packs are:
Lional led by Lion
Omusake led by Omusa
Ferality led by Dilan
Dessite led by Deslania
Horiglaby led by Harune

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