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2. Rules [updated 01/02/15]
Here are the forum rules. They are subject to change, and it is your responsibility to check this thread often. New rules/rule changes only have a 1% warning level until one week has passed since the rule has been added/updated.
  • Do not complain about gory and inappropriate behaviour. This is PG18 for mature roleplayers.
  • Keep things legal. Anything seen that violates the law in any way, shape or form will immediately be removed and the person banned for 24 hours if it is their first time, 48 if it's their second, 72 if it's their third, e.t.c..
  • At least 500 words per in-character post please. This should be easy if this roleplay is within your skill range. If you find it hard to do this, maybe Andeka Wolves is too advanced for you.
  • Respect all roleplayers. If you want to debate take it to P.M.s please. Of course insults to wolves and such are more than welcome, just don't overdo it to the point where the roleplayer is uncomfortable.
  • One OOC account and one account per character. Simple enough. If we find you using more than that, we'll ban the offending account and potentially all of your other accounts too.
  • Do not post with an unapproved character. If you are found doing this, your account will receive a 50% warning.

And that's it! Very short and sweet, so no excuses for not following them!

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